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Doorstep Trash : 

A number one Amenity for Multi-family Communities

  August, 7th 2019 

        Waste management has always been a challenge in large, multifamily housing units. Most apartment communities have their residents take out their own trash and place it in a dumpster or another type of trash receptacle. For large properties, with hundreds of residents, this process can become a big hassle Residents regularly use leaky garbage bags that spill onto the walkways, the trunks of the car, and down the road. A lot of times creating an overflow around the receptacle for maintenance to clean up. In addition, some residents will leave their waste in hallways, creating an odor, attracting pests, and potential health hazard.  

        Regular trash collection is the first waste management hurdle for the property management team. Then to add recycling into the mix, you would almost need a dedicated employee!  To make recycling possible, multifamily properties must watch for unwanted items such as trash bags and unbroken down boxes. For recycling to work, the waste must be sorted correctly, which is something residents may or may not be willing to do. All these waste management issues can become a huge task for property managers and owners, and that’s where the concierge waste services come in.

         It’s a simple solution. Our team of uniformed professionals collect trash and recycling door-to-door from each individual unit, between three to five times each week. Trash isn’t just out and about on the property; bins are placed right outside each resident’s door, providing a more simplified and sanitary waste and recycling collection process.This amenity is not only a steady stream of ancillary income for the property but it also takes all of these tasks off of the property manager and maintenance team.

        Proudly serving Kansas city! Give Concierge Waste a call to set up a consultation for your community's doorstep valet trash service. (913) 303 -1174 

A Proud member of the Apartment Association of Kansas City

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